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I'm The One!

Name: Moira
Nickname(s): Dawnie-poo, Moi-Moi, Mocha Latte
Age: 19
Likes: Mandy Patinkin, Alan Rickman, Tim Curry, chocolate milk, vanilla milkshakes, cinnamon bread, bananas, writing, reading, costuming, anime, manga, Witch Hunter Robin, acting stupid, being sarcastic
Dislikes: Cinnamon graham crackers, stupid people, annoying people, lipstick, people who take being a "geek" too far.

Color: Blue/Yellow
Food: Macaroni and Cheese
Animal: Dragon
Character: Freya

Least Favorite:
Color: I like them all!
Food: Spinach! Ew!
Animal: Spiders. >_<
Character: Kojima

Are You...
Pessimistic or Optimistic: Optimistic
Naughty or Nice: Hey, what person isn't a combination of both?!
Leader or Follower: Leader

Would You Rather Be...
A Chobit, Persocom, or Human? Why?: I wouldn't want to be a Chobit/Persocom because you can be made to forget everything and you get shoved off when a new model comes. T_T

Do you consider yourself to be mature, immature, or neither? I like to think of myself as mature.
Are you someone who works hard at what you do or do you just go with things as they come? A little bit of both. I work hard, but some things come easier than others.
Are you outgoing, shy, or inbetween? Outgoing with friends, shy with new people.
(For Girls) Are you femenine or tomboyish (or anywhere in between)? I like to be feminine, but I'm more tomboyish (lots of videogames, etc.)
(For Boys) Would you rather spend time inside working on something or on the computer or go outside and play sports ect?:
Describe yourself in 3 few words: Determined, Oddball, Sympathetic

Pictures: 001.002
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