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Name: Diana
Nickname(s): Naminé, Saki
Age: 18
Likes: Plants, cakes, friendship, love, sea, stars, books, botanic, romance, games, family, little kids, calm places, animals, flowers, manga, anime, tv-series, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, english classes, babysitting
Dislikes: Rude people, people with the complex of superiority, fire, bees, rocks (inside the water), pain, anger, sadness, loneliness, hate, prejudical people.

Color: Pink, Black, Red and White
Food: Fruit
Animal: Fox, Cat
Character: I have none. I like them all the same

Least Favorite:
Color: Yellow =_= and green
Food: Spicy food
Animal: Bugs.
Character: If i have to pick a disliked character....maybe Sumomo her hyperness on the anime makes me twitch

Are You...
Pessimistic or Optimistic: Pessimistic. Although i am trying to work out on that part D:
Naughty or Nice: People say i have this naughty kind of face
Leader or Follower: None. I do not like being followed nor to follow

Would You Rather Be...
A Chobit, Persocom, or Human? Why?: Well i like being a person, i do think that i cannot really choose the way i am given to birth ne?

Do you consider yourself to be mature, immature, or neither?  I confess, i'm 18, it is normal that i am at times immature and at other times a bit more serious, i think i am balanced between both
Are you someone who works hard at what you do or do you just go with things as they come? I never really had to work that hard at something, although i will have to soon.
Are you outgoing, shy, or inbetween? In between, thankfully i am quite balanced at this part
(For Girls) Are you femenine or tomboyish (or anywhere in between)? Both.
(For Boys) Would you rather spend time inside working on something or on the computer or go outside and play sports ect?:
Describe yourself in 3 few words: Stubborn, quiet, dreamer


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