Akane (akane_sama116) wrote in chbts_rating,

Name: It's similar to Janelle, that's allI can say. It's just a weird name overall.
Nickname(s): Akane
Age: 16
Likes: Chocolates, fandom, manga, video games (Wiiii~), outer space-related stuff, photography, other stuff that doesn't come to mind.
Dislikes: Discrimination of all kinds. That's really all I can say.

Color: Pink, any shade or hue of blue, and purple.
Food: Some Cuban foods, spaghetti, and pizza.
Animal: House pets, especially dogs.
Character: I like them all, but probably more Chii, Chitose, Yumi, and Hideki.

Least Favorite:
Color: Mucus green. Ick.
Food: Seafood soup. I love seafood, but with soup is just gross to me.
Animal: Probably pythons.
Character: Yoshiyuki, for some reason.

Are You...
Pessimistic or Optimistic: Definitely optimistic.
Naughty or Nice: Mixture of both. Mostly naughty.
Leader or Follower: Follower...XD

Would You Rather Be...
A Chobit, Persocom, or Human? Why?: Persocom. I'd love to have information everywhere I go without having to worry if I left it at home. =P

Do you consider yourself to be mature, immature, or neither? I have my days.
Are you someone who works hard at what you do or do you just go with things as they come? I just do them as they come...
Are you outgoing, shy, or inbetween? I'm in between, but mostly outgoing.
(For Girls) Are you femenine or tomboyish (or anywhere in between)? I'm very feminine; I'm tomboyish in a way that I like baggy jackets (they keep me warmer than the useless female jackets u.u) and I usually wear a shirt underneath an unbuttoned shirt.
(For Boys) Would you rather spend time inside working on something or on the computer or go outside and play sports ect?: I'm female kthx.
Describe yourself in 3 few words: 
On crack. =P


I was fiddling with my school's Mac laptops. =P
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