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I'm the One

Name: Sara
Nickname(s): Merry (believe it or notXD)
Age: 23

Likes: Favourite number is 9, since forever; don't know why.
My favourite type of music is punk rock, but my favourite song in all time is "Now and Then" by Blackmore's Night. I also dig japanese music (and musiciansXD)
My favourite season is spring, because the weather is nicest, and people are more cheerful too, my favoruite animals are wolfs or cats.
My favourite magical creature are vampires, and I like to dress in gothic-punk clothes .
I love films. Favourite filmakers are Steven Spielberg, both Coppolas, Fritz Lang, Hitchcock, Murnau, Lars von Trier, Tim Burton, Baz Luhrmann and the incredible freak that is Kevin SmithXD
And finally, I love books. They're my most precious possesion

Dislikes: Weak, pessimistic or dependent people. I'm probably the opposite to them, and I get very frustrated and treat them harshly without meaning to,so I tyr to avoid them.
-Making myths out of people and/or artists/musicians/actors/whatever. I particularly hate groupies with a burning passion, as I think almost any music style has stupid fans and a tendency toward machismo.
-Machismo and discrimination toward women.
Old people frustrate me to no end most of the time. Bratty kids, I want to slap. I have almost no respect for housewives under 40 years of age.

Color: Favorite color is Red. I've always been strongly attracted to that colour. Since I was a child, if I could pick any color for anything, I would pick red. It funny, because my second last name is "Rojo" which means "red" in Spanish. It's a summer color, strong, too bright, compliments dark skin rather nicely (and I have dark skin), it's a very fiery Spanish color, it attracts all the attention and can mean both very good and very bad things
Food: Fried eggs with migas, which is somehting I've never seen outside Spain. It's like fried egg, and it's both crunchy and spongy
Animal: Wolves. They are beautiful, headstrong, loyal, practical and hard, but their whole life doesn't revolve about another like dogs' do
I also love cats, because they manage to be cute and huggable while being stuck-up jerksXD
Character: Yuzuki is by far my favourite, and I really don't know why. Out of all the manga series I follow (and they're quite a lot), me liking this character is the most puzzling thing. She's gentle, kind, soft spoken and tender, but those are not qualities I'm usually crazy about. I love her charatcer design, and I find her story the most interesting of the series...she's courageous and can be sneaky, but she's generally wise and nurturing
I like Zimma and Dita a lot, and would have liked nothing better than having their story developing fully. I find them strong, determined and cool. Minoru is incredibly cute. I'm also fond of Shinbo, because he's very much like one of my friendsXD

Least Favorite:
Color: Yellow is such an agressive too, for that matter.I don't hate them, and I have some pretty clothes in those colours, but they're too agressive for many other things
Food: Fish. I absolutely loath it. Except when it's rawXD
Animal: I hate bees and anything remotely resembling them.I'm not very fond of spiders running free, but I would be fascinated to see them through glassXD
Character: Chii by far. She's actually my least favourite CLAMP character. So damned annoying, deprived of a personality, degrading to women, just a pet with boobs. Urgh. Not kickass, funny, cute, witty, or charming in any way whatsoever.

Are You...
Pessimistic or Optimistic: Optimistic. One of my defining characteristics
Naughty or Nice: Neither. I'm not naughty by nature, that would require too much effortXD, but I'm not very nice either. I CAN be when I want, I just aren't, most of the time (that's not to mean I'm nasty or anything, just that I don't make an effort at being nice, per se)
Leader or Follower: Leader, but that's only because leaders don't come in millions. If the right person appears, I have no problem following him/her

Would You Rather Be...
A Chobit, Persocom, or Human? Why?: A chobit. Everything that's awesome about both

Do you consider yourself to be mature, immature, or neither? ImmatureXD. No question about that. Though I'm very mature where non-romantic relationships and social opinions are concerned
Are you someone who works hard at what you do or do you just go with things as they come? Probably the last one, though when I get obssessed over some project, I become OBSSESED, in capsXD
Are you outgoing, shy, or inbetween? I'm definitely not shy, but I'm not as outgoing as I appear on first glance, and the things important to me I keep closed in my heart
(For Girls) Are you femenine or tomboyish (or anywhere in between)? Both!! I'm tomboyish in that I have no patience for stupid girly sigh-dreamy simple-minded girls, maternity has no misticism for me, I hate working on the house, cooking, etc, I like strong, imposing favourite characters almost always end up being male. However, I like to dress nice, though I'm no fashion nut, I like long hair, I put on make-up, I like to chat about boys, I have an inner sensitivity, and I'm very romantic
(For Boys) Would you rather spend time inside working on something or on the computer or go outside and play sports ect?: Well, interesting question. Why not ask it to the girls? I'll answer as well. I definitely prefer to stay at home with the computer
Describe yourself in 3 few words: brilliant, arrogant and hotXD

"Ringed" youngsters to my rightXD

Me in a party dressXD
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